The Castel Maintenon and its graphic metamorphosis.

To accompany the vast metamorphosis orchestrated at Castel Maintenon from late 2023 to spring 2024, we are delighted to unveil the hotel-restaurant's new visual identity, of the Centre du Val de Loire, including a new coat of arms.

Working closely with Octobo, we have reinvented the historic emblem of this establishment, which will be acquired in reflect its new essence and direction.

Castel Maintenon remains, as you may have discovered in our recent blog post, an open door to Alsatian hospitalityThis is a region that is close to the heart of co-founder Jérôme Schibler.

To illustrate this visually, the window adorning the former coat of arms of Castel Maintenon, guarded by two lions and opening onto nature, the waters of the spa and history, is a perfect example.has given way to two majestic, sturdy, all-black gates, inviting visitors to enter the new world of Castel Maintenon.

The letter C welcoming its guests evokes the Castel, the fortress, the imposing contemporary building on a human scale.

The letter M of the coat of arms suggests both Maintenon and the shape of a pretzel, as well as a heart.

The new coat of arms offers a multi-layered interpretation, full of meaning, messages and authenticity.

But it's also a deeper dive into the history of the duo formed by Jérôme Schibler and Etienne Faguer, revealed a little more through this new and recent acquisition, renovated and in operation since the end of 2023.