Castel Maintenon has reopened its magnificent gates after months of renovation.

Castel Maintenon recently reopened its magnificent doors after a long period of renovation, bringing Alsace just an hour from Paris along the River Eure.

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The history of Castel Maintenon in brief
Situated along the banks of the River Eure, close to the majestic château of the same name, Le Castel Maintenon offers a peaceful setting comprising a hotel, restaurant and spa in the heart of nature. After four years of work, the hotel was opened in 2016.

A New Era for Castel Maintenon, from May 2024
Taken over by Atypio Hotels Resorts in the second half of 2023, Le Castel Maintenon has been transformed to unveil a brand new offering from 2024. At the end of April, we are delighted to present this new chapter for Le Castel Maintenon after an almost total renovation. The renovation, scheduled to run until June 2024, was carried out in collaboration with our long-standing partner ABP ARCHITECTES.


Our inspiration for the renovation of Castel Maintenon
The renovation of the establishment is in keeping with the Atypio hotel approach and highlights the personal history and passions of Atypio's co-founders, Jérôme Schibler and Etienne Faguer. This renovation tells the story of this duo, uniting their shared passion: Jérôme Schibler, a lover of Alsace and its flavours, and Etienne Faguer, an expert in the art of living from Bordeaux.

A strong Alsatian influence in this renovation
To reflect the conviviality and personality of the owner-operators, the essence of Alsace has been incorporated into Castel Maintenon, highlighting values such as sharing, conviviality, simplicity, authenticity and caring. This influence permeates the details of the renovation, offering warm hospitality and a peaceful atmosphere.

The new facilities at Castel Maintenon
From the moment you enter, the essence of Alsace and a sense of welcome are in evidence!

The traditional lobby has been transformed into an open-plan epicurean living space overlooking the terrace and private garden. The modern central bar blends Alsatian tradition and innovation, with a traditional Alsatian oven at the heart of the room (the kachelofe), accompanied by its flammekueche shovel! A technical feat to offer unique flavours to share with guests as soon as they arrive.

The result, tiled in natural tones, is magnificent, inviting you to relax before discovering the Restaurant - Seminar or Spa areas.

The two "A l'Epicerie" restaurant rooms plunge customers into a warm, gourmet world reminiscent of a top-of-the-range Alsatian winstub. Customers will be able to sample local, Alsatian recipes and cheeses selected by the Alsatian artisan cheesemaker, matured under the exclusive XXL cloche of the "A l'Epicerie" restaurant-boutiques.

As a new feature, an exceptional private room is now available, with a large central tiled tasting table and its own wine cellar. Decorated in shades of burgundy, grey and black, with wide, comfortable armchairs, and surrounded by bottles of different grape varieties, this room offers subtle Alsatian or Bordeaux pairings, or a workspace in the heart of nature and the terroir.

The Castel Maintenon SPA swimming pool will reopen its doors at the beginning of May after a complete renovation, offering a cocooning and well-being experience in the setting of Alsatian hospitality.
The warmly renovated seminar rooms are getting ready to welcome the first seminars at the beginning of May!

As you will have gathered, Castel Maintenon aims to offer an authentic experience of Alsatian hospitality. Hopla! kome!

The establishment is in line with Atypio's vision for hotels, offering comfortable, flexible business-leisure experiences rooted in the region, at the heart of activities and leisure pursuits. The Hotel Restaurant and Spa Castel Maintenon, first in the Atypio Hotels Resorts Collection, is a fine example of this approach.