The Mercure Omaha Beach, a new renovation project by Atypio x Fabien Roque (architect)

After the Handwritten Hotel Castel Maintenondiscover today the #allingoodtime renovation project at the Mercure Hôtel Omaha Beach and his restaurant "A l'Epicerie.

To find out more about this project, a brief history of this 4-star hotel is in order. In the 1960s, on the Normandy coast, a farmer with a passion for golf turned his farm into a holiday resort. The hotel was established at the foot of the Omaha Beach Golf Course, over 100 hectares, on the edge of a cliff. After the sale of the hotel, the farmer and his family have kept golf going in a magical and rejuvenating way.

Atypio, after take over the Hôtel Normand in early 2023immediately planned its metamorphosis for winter 2023-2024. The Fabien Roque architectural firm, in collaboration with the Atypio teams, have thus worked over the last 6 months to renovate the Mercure Omaha Beach and its restaurant "A l'Epicerie".. Objective To make the Mercure Omaha Beach a top-of-the-range place to stay, open all year round, peaceful, conducive to well-being, sports, leisure, work and relaxation for only 270km from Paris, 40km from Caen and on the road to Mont St Michel.

The result, shared today with great pride in this first photo.

Feel the warm and welcoming atmosphere of this 4-star hotel in Normandy? the hotel prism Atypio #allingoodtime? The renovation signature combining elegance, comfort and harmony with the surrounding nature ? Our first customers, Omaha Beach golf club and partners since the reopening at the end of April have told us they are delighted with the result. A fine reward for hard work.

A few key words of inspiration, shared by all, for this renovation #allingootime Mercure Hotel Omaha Beach

Leather bench seating, Chesterfield-style sofa, cosy atmosphere, mix of leather, wood panelling and tapestries, warm, welcoming colours, innovative signage, reclaiming and restoring the glass roof and bay windows to their former glory.

At the "A l'Epicerie" restaurant in Port-en-Bessin: conviviality, terroir, cheeses, mosaics, communal table d'hôtes, gourmet shelves, old-fashioned bistro furniture, harmony and union with the products cooked and presented, traditional and innovative decoration.

A big thank you to everyone involved in this renovation project for helping to rethink the organisation of the spaces, ensuring a fluid transition and an uninterrupted view between each living space and landscape. The main building includes the restaurant, bar, lobby, meeting rooms, indoor wellness areas (with a surprise to come), as well as bedrooms. Two other buildings house a second bar and bedrooms. The buildings are pleasantly linked by the outdoor swimming pool, garden and golf course.