Compiègne, a business and leisure destination combining nature and history

Compiègne lies on the borders of three forest massifs. The town is part of the Picardy region, with numerous rivers running through it.

Compiègne is unquestionably shaped by these elements, making it a natural and historic business and leisure destination close to Paris.

Between valleys and wooded hillsides, the landscapes and colours offer an idyllic setting for outdoor activities (horse riding, cycling, fishing, golf, etc.), peace and relaxation.

Compiègne, a natural and historic destination that's great for both business and leisure! First a royal town, then an imperial one, its monuments, heritage, theatres and museums are waiting to be discovered. Compiègne is also geographically close to the city of Lille and the Ile de France region. 

Compiègne, a natural and historical destination, easy and convenient to get to, making it a particularly popular business and leisure destination.